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Food Bloggers AustraliaAmanda McInerny from Lambs Ears and Honey and Jennifer Schmidt from Le Delicieux have created Food Bloggers Australia as a spot on the net where we can meet, network and learn from one another about ways to make our blogs better.  I couldn’t be happier about it and I joined within 3 minutes of learning it existed.

It’s a site for food writers and bloggers who spend a lot of time buying food, creating recipes, photographing, writing, editing and promoting their blogs.  If you’re serious about your blog, you’d be nuts not to join and network with others who can help you get your blog in front of more eyes than you can do alone.

Who remembers starting a food blog and nobody noticed you were alive?   Google didn’t care that you existed, you had few Facebook friends and even few Twitter followers and you were cooking your heart out.  Yeah, I was there too.

Remember what changed all that?

Other food bloggers noticed me.  People like you maybe.  Some were Australian, some were American and a few took me under their wing and helped me to feel confident and suggested things I could do to improve my blog and my reach.  I will be eternally grateful to you all.

My Mom's Veal Scallopini by Jamie Schler of Life's a Feast

When I was a new food blogger, Jamie Schler from Life’s a Feast and From Plate to Page agreed to be interviewed for my Food Writer Friday.  She was “big” and I was tiny and she helped me by linking back to the interview.   It would have saved me days if I could have posted a notice seeking willing volunteers.

Food Bloggers Australia has the potential to put our blogs and promotion on steroids.  Whatever we can do on our own, we can do so much better and faster with help.  I truly believe this.  Everything good that’s happened through my blog has been because someone else took notice of me.

We all know of days when we tried to be everywhere and do everything on our blogs at the same time we were trying to pick up kids at school, visit grandma, get the birthday present that’s due tomorrow – just having a place to rant to people in a similar situation will be helpful.

I don’t know how the website will develop, but I look forward to posts from lots of people and an active community.  We’ve all seen blog associations for one-time events and there’s a flurry of excitement in the message board or forum but when you have a real question 3 months after the even, there hasn’t been any activity.  In an association there will be someone interested in new software, someone up to scratch with all the Facebook news, someone cluey on the newest best way to get noticed and someone who will share ideas on monetising to cover the cost of food blogging.  Someone said to me the other day, “Food blogging is like owning a horse, you do it because you have to, not because you can afford it.”

Setting Food Bloggers Australia up wasn’t easy and I hope every Australian food blogger gets on board and claims a seat at the table.  I’ll be on the right.


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    Sounds like a great site for you Aussies! It’s always great to have the support of many to help in all the facets of food blogging. Thanks for the comment on my blog Maureen :)

    • says

      I love it here. I met someone on Friday from NC and I asked her where she was from and she said North Carolina. I said what part? She said, North Carolina, it’s a state in the southern US. I said, Yes, but high, middle or low? She said, “Raleigh-Durham. “Where did you go to college,” I asked. “I went to the University of Tennesse,” she replied. I said, “Go VOLS.” She said, “oh you’ve heard of Tennesseee?” “I was a VOL way before you were born.” She said, “You are an American?” The entire room cracked up. She didn’t pick up the accent at all.

    • says

      I know what you mean. I think it would be good if there was a private forum where we could share proprietary information that we’ve gleaned. One can hope. :)

    • says

      Yes, we did it all on our own but how easy would it be if we had a mentor? For instance if someone had said, “put %postname% on your permalinks on my first week I would have been very appreciative. :)

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    Great idea Maureen, I’m still unsure of what I want this blog to be. If I took it commercial I’m afraid it would become a chore and not so much fun anymore…lots to think about.

    • says

      You know, I believe that every blog is commercial in one way or another. Either we’re promoting only ourselves or we’re also promoting others. I don’t have a lot of advertising on my blog – mostly because nobody has asked but also because I don’t make it easy I suspect.

    • says

      I’m so glad you joined! I was hoping you would. You have the best outlook on life and even though you’re really attractive you’re not full of yourself. LOL How’s that for saying it like it is?

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    What a marvelous idea! Virtual communities like this are great! I hope it’s a huge success! I guess the Southwest US isn’t close enough to allow me to join. :) Have fun!!!

    • says

      I really want this to succeed. I suppose it’s purely personal reasoning on my part. I know if bloggers and food writers work together great things can happen.

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    This sounds like a terrific idea, especially for food bloggers just starting out. There is always positive power in sharing your knowledge and in helping like minded people who share a passion, besides it just makes you feel good inside:) Thanks Maureen, I’m going over now to join up

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    What a great resource, congrats on being part of it. When I started my blog I had no idea of the time and expense involved. It’s not like take out a second mortgage expense, but more than I thought. That being said, I love it!

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    I remember those days when I published posts and I could count only on my mother and a handful of friends to read them. Then you and other bloggers started dropping by (and returned!) and made me feel a part of the community. I predict the site will be a huge success and a wonderful resource. If the multitude of fabulous Australian blogs I’ve come to know is any indication, it can’t be anything else but a success. :)

  7. says

    There is such a great blogging community in Australia and this is the perfect way to make it even stronger. It’s always inspiring to hear stories from others who have “walked in your shoes”. Wish we had something similar here in North America!

  8. says

    Your words made me wish I was Australian, everything so true and powerful in the same time. I agree, without the other food bloggers such as you or jamie, that are helping others, I for once wouldn’t be where I am either. The community is wonderful and I bet my live would be a bit boring if I wouldn’t have met all these wonderful people out there who love food as I do.

  9. says

    I had a giggle at the horse comment, it’s become like that for me. Although I’ve only had my blog for a short while, I can’t imagine life without it and all the amazing people I’ve met, and all the rushed times that go with it. It’s engrained in my life. I have been checking out Food Bloggers Australia and waiting with baited breathe until my blog is old enough for me to become a member.

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