There I was, waist deep in laundry and folding John’s dad’s undies when John walked through the door today.

“Presents!!!” he yelled.

“For whom?”

“You!  –  who’s Joanne?”


My friend Joanne from What’s on the List asked for my address last week and thinking she was going to send me a Christmas card, never gave another thought about it.  Well, it WAS a card but there was a delightful gift inside.  She sent me a shortbread mold.

That’s wonderful but there’s a story behind it.  For the past two weeks I’ve been harping on and off about wanting a shortbread mold for Christmas.  The other day after a doctor’s appointment I stopped by the local op shop and walked around and around their kitcheny stuff looking for a mold.

When I got home I told John I was going to have to break down and buy a new one because I couldn’t find one on the cheap.  He rolls his eyes at me when I say stuff like this.  He would never think of going to an op shop for anything much less a kitchen tool or dish.

Then something else crossed my mind and shortbread was no longer the big issue.  John’s mother is moving up near us and he’s been making all the arrangements.  She’s got the big A and the whole family is stressing.

So imagine my excitement when I opened the package from Joanne and it was just what I wanted?  How spooky is that?  Seriously spooky.

I immediately wrote to her and asked if I had told her I’d been looking for one.  Joanne wrote back and said no but Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella was looking for one and when she found one at a good price she bought all they had.  …And I got one!

shortbread #fail

Okay, now Lorraine and the others are going to post their shortbread and it’s going to be gorgeous.  Mine on the other hand was a first-time fail.  I think I tried to de-pan it too soon and maybe the lavender made a difference.  I’ll give it another try tomorrow.

Thank you, Joanne, my shortbread mold will be used a lot and I’ll think of you every time.  The recipe I used was this Lavender Shortbread Recipe

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    Oh I LOVE Shortbread. My mum always has a tin of Scottish Shortbread Biscuits in the kitchen and it’s the first place I head when I walk through the front door. She’s started hiding them. I can’t say as I’ve ever tried it with Lavender in it, that’s a new one for me!

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    G’day and *blush, blush* Maureen, true!
    I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited when I got your email AND that it was beyond spooky, you were looking for one and is what I surprised you with too!
    I should have taken a photo, but I had a Shortbread fail today…
    I thought mine cooled down for too long…put some lemon zest in it and think I should have let the dough rest in the fridge for an hour before baking; was VERY pliable when I put it in the mold, but just did NOT want to come out and then it crumbled! Hubby said it tasted great, but I will have another try tomorrow too! I am sure we will get this sorted before Lorraine finds out hers has arrived! Seriously…thank you! GREATLY appreciate ALL you do! Joanne

      • says

        I wondered if there were instructions somewhere that would help in getting the shortbreads out so I googled and found this. Hope it helps.

        Mold Use Instructions: Prepare wooden (or ceramic) molds by lightly
        brushing vegetable oil over all interior surfaces, being sure to
        reach all the crevices and indentations. (A pastry or basting brush
        works well for this task.) Lightly sprinkle flour over molds, tipping
        them back and forth until all the crevices are coated, then inverting
        and tapping them against a hard surface to remove all excess flour.
        (A thin film works best and produces more attractive cookies.) The
        molds must be redusted after each cookie, but do not need to be
        A_Boleyn recently posted..F is for Frangipane

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    HA! Would you believe I did not know anything about a shortbread mold? And I don’t make shortbread that often, but now I want one…. life is interesting…

    beautiful mold….

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    What a lovely and unexpected Christmas present.

    I keep meaning to try one of the more unique or savoury shortbread combinations but end up making the same old version time after time. If I had a lovely mold like yours I might be inspired to be more creative. :)
    A_Boleyn recently posted..Chinese Dishes in Progress

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    Now I want one too!! My sister loves shortbread, well, I do too, but she really loves it. I just make it the plain old way, but this makes it more special! I’m going to shop around and see if I spot any deals!! How lucky and spooky that was!

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    Ah, those elusive things that we find we want or need, despite the fact that we have a house spilling over with stuff! I used to sell a range of pretty shortbread moulds when I co-owned that cookware store, but never added one to my kitchen. Hope you are feeling better my friend.

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    Oh man, I would love to get one of those on my doorstep, very cool. I’m such a shortbread addict but have never had a shortbread mold. Now I will be keeping my eye open. I love sweet surprises like this and ………… sweet friends like you!

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    Now do you think you could make salted caramel shortbread? I stead of sugar plums dancing in my head I have dreams of salted caramel shortbread dancing in my head ever since I saw it in a cook book from the library.

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    I’m a happy op shop scavenger too! :-) I love finding treasures there. I’ve never used a shortbread mold before, but I fancy the idea of lavender shortbread. :-)

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    Somehow, i believe there’s nothing such coinsidence my friend……….
    i guess your pray just god APPROVED sign in Heaven then, you should be blessed and maybe you just paying forward with any kindness before…
    i guess nothing better than got what u want in HIS time, God Blessed You then….

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    I haven’t met Joanne but she sounds like the nicest person. How gorgeous of her to send you this mold. You must all be flat out with all the arrangements! I think it’s good she’s moving up to be near you. Will Rob live with her or stay on with you? What a busy time you’re having. I make shortbread but not in a mold (probably because I don’t have one). I just make them as individual biscuits (cookies) but when they come out of the oven I let them sit because they harden as they cool xx

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      Yeah, I took these out too soon. Tomorrow we’ll do it again. Rob will stay with us but he’ll visit Joan often. She’ll be in the ‘sensitive care’ section of an aged care home. It’s really sad and John has to do the telling and the moving all by himself. He said, “What bothers me most is breaking her heart.”

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    Aren’t blogging friends the best? What a gorgeous mold!

    PS…good luck with moving your MIL. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts…as we did the same thing with my mom in September.

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      Lordy, every scenario is going through our heads. What if she won’t get on the plane? What if she yells and screams? I remember your road trip and it’s a long drive from Victoria to Queensland – over a thousand miles – and John is doing it alone.

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    Someone has a direct mental connection with their good friend! What a cute little shortbread mold. Since I’m not a baker, I have to admit that I didn’t know there was such a thing. :) You’re going to have some fun baking this holiday! Have fun!
    mjskit recently posted..Persimmon Cranberry Parfait

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    I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a shortbread mould. Is that piece of shortbread just for one person? Maybe a mould is a good idea when I don’t want to share and just want to have one big piece of shortbread all to myself. It is buttery goodness :)

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    What a wonderful surprise and spookily kind of Joanne. I’ve never made shortbread in a mould, is it different from baking it in a tin? How do you stop it sticking, do you have to ‘season’ the mould? I’m surprised you have time for baking with all that’s going on. GG

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    I LOVE lavender in baking and especially shortbread, and this looks just amazing Maureen! Also, what a thoughtful surprise and such a treat to know you are both on the same wavelength. Karen

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    I am continuously surprised at the generosity of our blogging friends! I am so happy that you loved the gift. The lavender shortbread looks absolutely wonderful. Hope you are well.

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    Now that’s karama! I love it when good things like that happen. Shortbread is one of my favorite treats but I’ve never had it with lavender. Sounds interesting.


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