Rich Hot Fudge Sauce

I’ve been looking for the holy grail of hot fudge sauce and I tried a new one yesterday.  This one is really for grownups as it’s not really sweet and it’s very chocolaty.  We find that ice cream is really sweet and then topped with even sweeter hot fudge makes it tough to eat 3 bowls.

We’ve been burning the candle at both ends as usual.  We’re nearly ready to launch and a new website I haven’t told you about yet that I’m sharing with Helene Dsouza from and then there’s our business and our EasyRecipe plugin support plus the house chores and shopping and dog walking.  I’m sure your lives are just the same so you’ll understand why we threw up our hands yesterday afternoon and headed to the park with the dog.

We brought sandwiches and a blanket and ate and read books in the dappled sunlight.  I took these two photos with my tablet that I used as my book reader and it came in handy as a camera, albeit not the best camera.

A day in the park

Then as we’re lying on the blanket, an elderly couple comes to the picnic table next to us and talked about how much they want a new dog since theirs has died and they played with Charlie and he got all excited.  They even gave him some chicken and they are now his newest best friends.  They got emotional and teary talking about their dog that had died and really appreciated playing with Charlie.  All I could think of was, “thank God I gave him a bath this morning.”

tail in the water bowl

He needs a clip and it was warm so I took off his leash and threw a stick in the river and off he went.  When I’d had enough I brought him out of the water and went to the car to get his beach towel.  After drying him off he shook all over John’s library book (and face).  Good thing I live with a man who doesn’t get flustered by ANYTHING — he just laughed.  Just as I was going back to the blanket, Charlie Shaw decided to sit and he put his tail in his water bowl.  He didn’t move so I took his picture too.

It felt SO good to be doing something other than “I shoulds.”  We were only gone a couple of hours and the park is less than 5 minutes from our house so it wasn’t a huge adventure but nice to get away.

JohnThe reason I’m telling you about our day is because someone wrote to me the other day and said they really liked EasyRecipe and they followed my blog but I have never posted a photo of John and I’ve never talked about him much.  I should have waited until he mowed his beard and put on a decent shirt, but that might not happen soon.

So here goes.  You all know we met through an ad on the internet back in 1994.  John’s been a programmer all his life and is Aussie right down to his underpants.

He went to a posh school in Melbourne and his parents were both teachers so he doesn’t talk like Crocodile Dundee but I did fall for the Australian accent.  He says the same thing about me and to this day even after 18 years, he translates and calls it the trunk of the car instead of the boot and the hood instead of the bonnet and we always buy gas and not petrol.

He’s the most easy-going man I’ve ever known and I can count the number of arguments on the fingers of one hand.  Neither of us likes to argue and we’ve never said the words you can’t take back.  We’re a very lucky couple.  Not perfect..  he IS a man after all.  He treats me as a complete equal.

hot fudge sundaes

What he likes best though, is ice cream —  with or without extra cream on top.  I told him I was making some vanilla ice cream and a new hot fudge recipe and I could tell he would be ready for it when I finished.  I went to the pantry to get the sugar and there were ants in it!  I dumped it out and then had to use raw sugar for the ice cream.  John said the ants couldn’t possibly have eaten very much but I dumped them out, all the same.

Raw sugar gave it a bit of a caramel color and taste but only a hint of it.  I really liked it.  John’s not a caramel person and said, “I’d like chocolate better.”

Hot fudge is the classic sundae topping and a dollop of this on top of your ice cream will make your mouth do a happy dance.  I like watching it drip down the ice cream.

The sauce only takes a few minutes to make and most of us have these ingredients on hand so why not give it a go?  I used really dark cocoa powder and dark chocolate and the sauce is nearly black.  Color aside, it tastes really good.

hot fudge sauce

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Rich Hot Fudge Sauce
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This is a less-sweet more grown up hot fudge.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 12
  • ⅔ cup cream
  • ¼ cup good cocoa
  • ⅓ cup brown sugar (you could go ½ cup if you like it sweeter)
  • ½ cup light corn syrup
  • ¼ tsp salt (scant)
  • 170 grams (6 oz) dark chocolate chopped and divided
  • 2 tbs unsalted butter (or use salted and use less salt)
  • 1 tsp good vanilla extract
  1. Place the cream, syrup, sugar, cocoa, salt and half of the chopped chocolate in a saucepan on low heat until chocolate has melted and then raise the temperature until the mixture comes to a simmer. Cook for 5-6 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  2. Remove from heat and add the other half of the chocolate, the butter and the vanilla extract and stir til smooth.
  3. Let cool for 15-20 minutes and place in jars and when cool place in the refrigerator. The sauce will be very thick but half a minute in the microwave (or less) will make it pourable but still thick.
  4. It will keep in the fridge up to 2 weeks if it lasts that long.


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  1. says

    Nice to meet John, Maureen (and Charlie). I’ve had the same complaint as you all along about fudge sauce. The tooth-curling sweetness of most sauces does make it a little difficult to eat that third bowl of icecream so looking forward to trying this adult version and hoping to make it to the 4th bowl with ease :)

  2. says

    What a great story Maureen you are indeed very fortunate. Were you already in Australia or did you travel there to meet John? One day I’ll tell my story too, JT and I have been together since the late seventies! We used to put Nutella on our ice cream as kids, it hardened up from the cold, or you could mix it into the ice cream and it made a creamy chocolate sauce, so yummy. I would have loved this very delicious sauce.
    Eva Taylor recently posted..Celeriac Velouté (or soup)

  3. says

    Nice to meet John! Somehow I got the vibe that neither one of you were argument types; my wife and I are the same way. Really nice ice cream topping. I agree it’s really important that the topping not be too sweet, otherwise that third bowl is hard to swallow. 😉 When we lived in Florida we got in the habit of keeping sugar in the refrigerator, and still do today (and sometimes we’d keep flour in the freezer, particularly whole wheat flour). Anyway, glad you took a day off! Looking forward to hearing more about your new projects.
    john@kitchenriffs recently posted..Irish Soda Bread

    • says

      Thanks, Suzanne, Charlie is a wonderful dog. He’s John’s dog because I didn’t want another dog after ours died. too painful. So he convinced me that he really REALLY wanted another dog. So he’s John’s dog but Charlie’s mummy’s boy. He follow me everywhere and when I’m here at my computer he’s at my feet.

  4. says

    Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, proving you don’t have to go through a lot of trouble or a great distance to get away. And very often, that’s all that’s needed, just to get away. Could be 5 minutes or 5 miles. Just away.
    I predict this fudge sauce is going to light up Pinterest and any other place it appears. Thanks for sharing a great recipe.

    • says

      For us it’s just getting away from the computers. If we’re here we’re either on our desktop or tablets and we needed some time to read. We both love reading and over time we’ve worked instead. No more. Now we’re going to make time, at least 30-45 minutes a day with our noses in a book.

  5. says

    Waves to John, Charlie and Maureen … looks like a lovely day out. And the fudge sauce is so rich and delicious. I’m definitely going to make this one. :)

  6. says

    Lovely story about how you met John, thanks for sharing :)

    John’s not a caramel person?! What about salted caramel? I love the sweet and salty combo.

    I haven’t made hot fudge sauce before, I’m a fan of dark chocolate so I don’t buy most chocolate products as I find it too sweet, plus you don’t know what else manufacturer’s put in it, always so many E numbers and letters. Stuff as simple as this should definitely be homemade.

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know why we all got lazy and thought a drive to the store, stroll the aisles, bring it to the checkout, put it in the car and drive home is easier than putting a few ingredients into a saucepan. It’s not cheap to make it at home but I darned well know what’s in it.

  7. says

    I like the chocolate sauce, Maureen, but not as much as the light, warmth, and intelligence in John’s eyes. You two were meant for each other.

    • says

      I’m a very lucky woman. I spent the day at a cooking school not far from where we live and when I got home John had cleaned the whole house. Now this is NOT something that happens often. Okay, in 18 years it’s never happened, but I exclaimed, “Why??” He said that I’d been working really hard and I deserved a break. I nearly fell over. Then he cracked open a beer and watched the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

  8. says

    Your “he IS a man” comment made me laugh. John sounds very much like my husband, who, like you, I met on the internet as well.

    I love hot fudge sauce on ice cream. Hot fudge and ice cream really is divine.

  9. says

    What a nice young man you have there Maureen. John sounds very much like my hubby and they seem to share the same love of ice cream.
    I am a vanilla girl most of the time, but I do love fudge sauce and this one looks like a treat! I never really think about making any but if you can store it in the fridge, I think I will have a go.

    Coffee and Crumpets recently posted..Lemon Mascarpone Roulade for Easter

  10. says

    Well, it is still 3 feet high in snow winter, here… so ice cream isn’t on the menu though it is my favourite food in the whole world next to tomatoes and whole wheat bread with butter. This sauce look delicious. There is nothing like a great vanilla ice cream and some really thick ooey-gooey rich sumptuous chocolate sauce smothering it. Of course, the cheery on top is also a must! You’ve got it goin’ on at your house, Maureen! YUMMERS!

  11. says

    Hey I totally understand how you feel. Just to hangout in a park and don’t do some work for once can be a blessing and I believe it’s required if you want to stay sane. lol a proper picture of your better half. John if you read this, you are lucking good!

    I like dark choco fudge sauces and just yesterday we were talking about a dark choco sauce for some sweet sushis. ^.^ Great timing maureen, gotta try your recipe!

    Btw we say trunk too.

  12. says

    Sounds like our husbands came from the same mold. Mine asked me just the other day “When was the last time we had an argument?” Neither of us could remember. :) What a great outing you had and it’s so much fun running into sweet people. Your hot fudge is definitely a winner! I could pour it over lots and lots of goodies or just it eat from the jar. That’s probably what I would really do. :)
    mjskit recently posted..Avocado, Orange and Cucumber Salad

  13. says

    Love the photo of John and Charlie, thanks for sharing. Glad you had some time to chill out. It is still cooooold in the Hudson Valley and snow is in the forecast for Tuesday, no ice cream for now.

  14. says

    Haha if I wrote a post about my other half, I’d probably have heaps of less than favourable things to say about him! (only kidding… sort of).

    I’ve heard you talk about John every now and then but without knowing too much about him, it was great to learn a bit more about your other half.

    PS. Curious to hear what posh school in Melbourne he went to!

  15. says

    How nice to meet your John! Lovely post, Maureen, and I love the elderly couple who found so much joy in playing with Charlie! xx PS. Sauce sounds divine…

  16. says

    Thank you for sharing your amazing husband with us. I am blessed as well with an amazing patient husband and he was my rock when dad passed last year and is the same now during moms cancer . You are in inspiration daily to me . Thanks Maureen

  17. says

    It was lovely to hear this story Maureen. You are very lucky to have a resident programmer ( PS thanks for the easy recipe) and love of your life. Thats one thing I miss having someone to go to the park with the dog, with. Hot fudge sauce is a decadence we can all handle , more often than we should

  18. says

    Maureen, what a pleasure reading about your outing with John & Charlie! I also enjoyed hearing how you & John met (you brave souls!) and the touching story about Charlie & his new friends. A day away from “I should’s” restores body, mind & soul. So does a dish of ice cream with your hot fudge sauce. :)

    • says

      Kimby you are not wrong on all counts. If I told someone today I was going 10,000 miles for my first date they might roll their eyes but in 1994 people thought I was a raving lunatic. :)

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