In the mail the other day I received a package of Smooze Fruit Ice.  I’d never heard of it before but decided I needed to do something with it that was totally different than sticking the little packets in the freezer.

Smooze into a granita

I got a small dish and poured the liquid into it and popped it in the freezer.  I had great intentions to make it into a granita.  I got delayed at an appointment so it froze more than I wanted it to before I “forked” it but this will be great as a quick bite between courses for Christmas.

My readers in the northern hemisphere, it’s freakin’ hot on Christmas day so don’t think I’m nuts on this.  A quick mouth chiller served like this will be very welcome.

Smooze into a granita

While I was waiting for the final freeze, I decided to look up Smooze and learn a bit about it.  This was a good idea but what I should have done was frozen the spoons.  It thawed rather quickly in the summer heat when I go to the photo taking.

Smooze Fruit Ice

Smooze is 100 natural and made from a base of coconut milk and real fruit.  You’ll find very little small print and I love that about this product.  The flavours are pineapple and coconut, pink guava and coconut (this is the one I tried to granita) and coconut and coconut and they’re available in the dessert aisles of our supermarkets here in Australia.

Kids love them and that’s good for mums and dads because there’s only 66 calories in each one.  No gluten or dairy or preservatives so they’re okay for everyone.  I’m going to try the pineapple and coconut next and add some rum and crushed ice and blitz it.  Come to Mama, baby!

Smooze sent me some samples to review (thank you very much) and I had fun playing with it.  While I got the product for free, my opinions are my own.  I’d buy these.  The only thing I questioned was the name.  :)

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    I’d buy those, and I’m not much for pre-made products! And MY GOD, I LOVE your idea with the spoons, how perfect. I’d even serve them in Canada where it’s supposed to be winter (I say supposed, because today was 16°C, a little toasty for this time of year!).
    And I particularly love the idea of adding a little (or a lot) of rum to it!
    Eva recently posted..Dinner Party Menu: India

    • says

      I don’t buy much pre-made stuff either, Eva, I just like knowing what’s in my food. When I read the label though, I felt it was worth a try. 16C sounds pretty balmy for this time of year. It’s 38c here today. The dog’s sneaked into the pool 3 times already. “fences don’t wrap around a rock wall very well and there’s a dog sized hole that’s named Charlie”

  2. says

    Haha, yeah definitely name was a bit confusing and I wasn’t sure what it was until I read your post… pineapple and coconut flavor sounds delicious. :) It sounds like great for kids, too, but I wonder if it’s easy for kids to open the package by themselves. Looks a bit hard from the picture. :)

  3. says

    Ooh! I love these! :) THe mango ones were my favourite, but I love the idea of turning them into a lil granita, what a fun way it would be to start the night!

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