How to Peel a Kiwi Fruit

I’ve always peeled kiwi fruit with a knife — even when I lived in New Zealand and nobody there told me anything different.  I found this video on You Tube today and it works.

I also have peeled every kiwi fruit I had in the house testing it out.  Fruit salad for Sunday lunch, anyone?  We both have a stomach bug (hopefully that 24 hour kind where you are sure you’re going to die if it doesn’t stop soon) and kiwi fruit isn’t anything you should  have too much of when the plumbing is out of whack.  If you’re already “going” kiwi fruit will make you go even faster.  :)

I’m nearly caught up from my holiday break and I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen and play with food. I’m hoping that our business will sell once we finally get it on the market and then we can concentrate on all things food.

Do you find it difficult to catch up when you’ve gone away on holidays, been ill for an extended period or had guests who sucked the life right out of you for weeks? (I’m not saying that that’s what happened to me, at least not out loud.) Maybe it’s my age but I’m just now getting caught up on my favorite blogs, reaching out on Twitter and Facebook and getting the darned kitchen floor clean.

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    Sorry to hear your feeling ill, but sending all the best wishes for you to get better.
    p.s. nope, it’s not the age responsible for catching up after a break (or I’m aging even more prematurely than I thought), it’s well, life 😉

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    I don’t know how I missed the notification for this post. I enjoy kiwi fruit but don’t eat them nearly enough. Thank you for the peeling technique information. It seems simple but I know it’s going to be useful.

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    Hi Maureen! What a great tutorial! I’ve always been using my knife and of course, my kiwi are uneven and wonky! I can’t wait to try this technique! I hope you are getting some rest and will be back to your own spunky self , soon. I miss your beautiful creations! : )

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    Get well soon, Maureen!

    Haha no, no, it’s not just you. I just came back from a two-week family trip to Indonesia and this is my first week back at work. Over there, I thought a 12-hour day visiting my parents’ friends of friends (who I don’t even know yet who not only wanted to catch up with my parents as soon as word got around that they were in the country, but also see what their kids looked like) was draining. However, I’ve been feeling exhausted after every work day – and I was actually LOOKING FORWARD to going back to work after the trip!

    Regardless, I’m a bit more settled now and hope to get back to blogging this weekend :)

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    Maureen, I sincerely hope you’re feeling well after the holidays, illness, company, etc. — seems to take longer to bounce back after every “adventure,” eh? (I was discombobulated until the end of January, lol.) Thanks for the neat kiwi peeling trick!

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    How are you going, Maureen? I do hope you’re coping with your house guests and your business and everything else you do that keeps you so busy. I’m sure you’re doing plenty of cooking and I can’t wait for you to share all you’ve been up to – both in the kitchen and out xx

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    Believe it or not I have never peeled a kiwi! I know exactly what you are talking about on catching up. After months of unexpected changes I am starting to do the same. Hoping you are well now and we both can enjoy the foodie world !

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    Dear Maureen,

    I use a similar method by cutting off the 2 ends first but instead of a spoon to scoop the fruit out, I find it easier to just use a regular peeler because the spoon can sometimes leave a fair bit of fruit on the skin if not done properly.

    Hope you are feeling better.


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