Guest Posts

If you have an orgasmic recipe..  seriously orgasmic where you’d rather eat that dish of food than have sex, please share it with my readers?  I’d love to showcase your work.  Just click the link below to submit  your recipe.

There are some guidelines:

  1. It needs to be a recipe you love and I’d love to have a story to go along with it. It can be simple recipe but I’d prefer nothing from a box, please.
  2. Needs to be in English.
  3. Needs a photo 600×400 pixels.  You can have as many other photos in different sizes as necessary to complement the post.
  4. Your own work, please. (no pinching stuff from another site and asking me to post it as yours.  I’d be so embarrassed if that happened!)
  5. I’m not going to edit for grammar or splling, just sayin…
  6. A couple of links in your post are fine but no affiliate links.
  7. No spam.
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