In My Kitchen, July 2014

eggs and salmon breakfast

Wow, what a week it’s been for us.  Rob is still in hospital for testicular cancer and Joan moved to a new dementia unit today very close to our house.  We’ve had her with us every day so that she can visit Rob in hospital.  I will admit that I’m exhausted after just a few hours with her.  Her dementia presents as not being able to find words, in addition to not storing any memories at all.  It’s not that dementia folks are forgetful – they don’t store the information in the first place because there aren’t new spots in the brain left to use.  She gets upset if we can’t find the word she’s looking for.  Poor thing.  Sometimes it’s funny.  Today she was measuring in eggs and the budgies in the cage were chickens.  She was also wearing two pairs of jeans because someone might steal her favorites while she’s away.

The good news is that she loves her new room.  She hated the old one.  She’s the first resident and there’s a nurse and 2 carers there just to look after her.  Tomorrow there’ll be one more resident.  She’s quite happy so far.


So in my kitchen was Rob on the day he had surgery.  This was breakfast because he didn’t get the surgery until after 5pm.  He had smoked salmon over toast topped with poached eggs and dill.  He doesn’t look too happy, I know.  I said, “Smile!!” and that’s what I got.  He really wasn’t that grumpy, I promise.

bad ass spoon

Last month, Trevor Kensey  from Sis.BoomBlog sent me a Bad Ass Spoon by Michael Ruhlman.  It’s for making bad ass poached eggs and it works so well.  You crack the egg and put it in the spoon and all the light whispy bits fall through the holes and what’s left is the sturdier white around the yolk.  Into a pot of barely simmering water and 3 minutes later you have wonderful, oozing yolks.  Thank you Trevor!  If you aren’t following Trevor, you should.  He’s really clever and funny.  He’s also a Dorista and I love his creations.

eggs and potatoes

I had some leftover baked potatoes and I fried them up with some onions and topped them with a poached egg.  I love this spoon.

thai ingredients
On Saturday I sneaked a few hours to myself and attended a Thai Curry Paste cooking class at The Golden Pig Cooking School in Brisbane.  It’s taught by Katrina Ryan who learned Thai cooking from Neil Perry and went on to be the head chef at Rockpool.  She left there and taught the Thai Cooking classes at the Spirit House in Yandina in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  Then she and her husband decided to open their own school in Brisbane.  I bought quite a few goodies but I’m still missing krachai in a jar.  Yeah, I’d never heard of it either.  Stay tuned.

dried long red chillies

Anyone wanting to learn Thai cooking, go to this school.  People from around the world come to take her classes.  I’m going to write about my experience soon but I can’t just yet because I left my recipes on the bench.  Hopefully they’ll answer my email and send them to me.  If not, maybe Mel Kettle from The Cook’s Notebook will send me a copy of her copy.  I can’t believe I was that dumb.

Matilda the traveling swirly pan

Last year I was invited to participate in the traveling swirly pan group.  The pan was purchased and it travels from food blogger to food blogger around the world and it arrived at my house today.  I’m to make a cake in Matilda the Traveling Swirly Pan and then write my notes in the accompanying book and send it on to the next blogger.   I’m a bit nervous because there have been some outstanding cakes made.

Finally, some have asked just how big Charlie is and there’s a group on Instagram that has figured out a way to tell how big all the dogpals are.

He’s 4 rolls high, plus a bit for fluffy fur.  He needs a haircut in the worst way but the olds took precedence this week.  Next week for sure!

The In My Kitchen posts are the brainchild of Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and the list of bloggers joining in grows every month.  Check out our posts and please add your own.  I’d love to peek in your kitchen.

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    Darling woman, it was impossible to read your post through in one sitting. First I had to click to Trevor’s site to see what a Dorista is – and was grateful to find out that it wasn’t someone who made brilliant gourmet creations out of Doritos – then I had to google krachai. I’m off to Thainatown soon, so I’ll have a look there for you to see if they sell the jarred version. What a week you’ve had with the inlaws! I hope Rob’s ok – dementia is brutal, and Joan was a tough old chook even before she had it. You’re a generous, kindhearted woman, love xx

  2. says

    Sounds like you have been very busy! My grandma is in a senior home and my mom has been very busy going back and forth between two cities (LA and SF distance). I often wonder how I spend time with my own parents when they get older and I’m not in the same country. Your kitchen has a lot of things to share with us! And wow, you make perfect poached eggs!!

  3. says

    Charlie is gorgeous. I am very jealous of your swirly pan. I am new to what’s in your kitchen so my post is a bit late. It is up now if you would like to read it. Have a great week. Emma.

  4. says

    As soon as I saw the first picture with that perfectly poached egg, I was ready to ask, “Teach me your secrets, Guru Maureen!” I am going to have to look for one of those bad-ass spoons. I’m pretty sure Charlie could be on a TP ad with that picture. 😉

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