We’ve all heard the drama where food bloggers who use the Ziplist recipe plugin are blocked from adding new posts until the developer finds a fix for the new WordPress 3.9 software update.  Over coffee the other night, John said, “I think I could probably tweak EasyRecipe Plus to read those recipes so they wouldn’t have to do a thing.”

ziplist plugin doesn't work

“Wow, that would be helpful for a lot of people, especially those wanting to convert their recipes over,” I said.

He smiled and gave me the standard, “Yep!”

So he went to work and at about 2am on Easter Sunday morning he got it all sorted and tested the best he could.  With so many versions of browser software, WordPress software and themes, nothing is ever going to be perfect in the blogging world, but…  most Ziplist users with WordPress 3.9 (or any other version) should have no difficulty at all in installing EasyRecipe Plus and switching over with nothing to do.

EasyRecipe didn’t suffer the same fate because John downloaded the WordPress 3.9 beta and saw all the changes and worked for two weeks to get the software updated in time.  Even then, he finished only hours before the WP release.

We’ve only had one negative comment about it so far.  It was something about John being a greedy bastard because he only put it out in the EasyRecipe Plus plugin and not the free version.  To that we say, “Fine, don’t use it.”  Yes, it costs $24.95 for EasyRecipe Plus.  Working for nothing to create a top quality plugin and then having to work hours for free sorting out theme problems gets old fast.  It’s also difficult to eat when you work for nothing.

How does it work?  You will be surprised at how easy.  Install EasyRecipe Plus, activate it and then deactivate Ziplist.  BAM.  Your recipes will work just fine now.  You can add new recipes or use any of the EasyRecipe Plus features.  Here’s a quick video (done at 1am) showing how it works.

Don’t forget that EasyRecipe Plus also works with Ziplist so your recipe boxes will work too.

You can read more about EasyRecipe Plus at http://www.easyrecipeplugin.com/

*** Added ***

The BEST email received to date said how pleased they were with EasyRecipe and that they were really surprised to know that John worked for Maureen.  I roared and told him to shut up and get to work!


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