What’s the Best Recipe You’ve Ever Cooked?

The photo is one I’ve been saving since last spring so I could wish all you Northerners who are stealing our summer a happy springtime!  I love tulips and would have some in the house all the time.  I should grow them in pots so I could do that but I’m always busy cooking in my spare time.

Someone asked me that question yesterday when they found out that I have a food blog.  They assumed that since I love to cook more than just about anything that I would have a hierarchy of recipes from favorite to crap.

I smiled just a little bit and said, “That’s like asking me which of my children I like best.”  Most of my recipes are my favorites until I come up with one I like better.

One day I’ll love an ice cream recipe and the next day it’s a slow roasted fillet of beef, dark pink from edge to edge, and the next day it will be the delicious lamb chops fresh off the bbq or the curried quinoa salad that’s my vegetarian crack. See what I mean?

I could point to a current recipe as my favorite but then I have a huge list of recipes from your blogs that I looked at and would swear that each would be a best recipe for me.  For instance, these are a few on my recipe bucket list:

Calzone ai Funghi (Mushroom Calzones) by Bellalimento.comCalzone ai Funghi {Mushroom Calzones}
from www.bellalimento.com

World's Best Baked Onions by theculinarychase.comWorld’s Best Baked Onions – and I’ve never met an onion I didn’t like.
by www.theculinarychase.com

maple-bourbon ice cream by zencancook.comMaple-Bourbon Ice cream
by www.zencancook.comBrownies with Hazelnut Butter and Chocolate Lace by cafefernando.comBrownies with Hazelnut Butter and Chocolate Lace
by www.cafefernando.com

So, dear friends, I’ve got a long way to go before deciding on my best recipe ever.  If I’d been asked what my signature recipe was or what recipe I’m asked to make more often than any other, that would have been pretty easy.

What’s your signature recipe that everyone knows you make better than anyone else?


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    I’m so glad this post evolved the way it did, because when I read the title I felt a flicker of panic at not know what I like best! Thankfully I’m not alone, it would seem :) Far too hard to choose – and in your case, all of the images here look delicious.

  2. says

    Gorgeous pics – totally reminiscent of sun and warmth :)
    I think people know me for chocolate dishes – straight 😉 – though definitely not one single dish though I think having a signature dish would be awesome!
    What a yummy selection you have shown!

    Choc Chip Uru

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    :)) Yea it’s very hard to pick one from such a wide collection! I love your bucket list..Mushroom Calzones is must try..I am totally drooling looking at the photo and imagine the flavor:)))

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    This is actually a difficult question! There are so many things I make that I love to do, and are pretty good. I would guess my soups made with dried beans and my pastas are the 2 things people would think of as my signature dishes – mainly because I love both, and cook both so often. But usually my favorite recipe is whatever I plan to make next! Fun post – thanks.

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    It would be almost impossible for me to choose but…………. if someone was going to cut my head off if I didn’t choose………… or put me in a room full of frogs,………… I would probably say it’s my poppyseed pound cake with cascades of caramel icing. :)

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    My cooking club always asks me to make proscuitto-wrapped asparagus grilled and topped with a lemon-caper-butter sauce. :-) My favorites usually change according to the weather. :-)

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    I love that gorgeous colored tulip. Looks like a gorgeous sunset or tangerine sorbet if you want a food analogy.

    If you had asked my favorite food I ever ate I would have chosen the fresh Alaskan King Crab I had in San Francisco.

    This question was not too hard for me. The best food I ever cooked was my mother’s Chicken Paprikash. Even though I have never gotten my noodles as light and airy as she did, the fact that the Paprikash and noodles tatsted like my mom’s made my cry with joy.

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    P.S. Love all the pictures you posted. Every one of them looks so delicious. But I wanted to lick and bite my computer monitor to taste those scrumptious onions wrapped in bacon.

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    That is a good question… I think I like my Mac & Cheese recipe the best as far as cooking. For baking – hmmmm???? I’ll have to think on that. Love your round up :)

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    I don’t really have a dish but everyone says I need to start bottling my hot sauce and salsa! That ice cream photo is stunning.

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    Love the tulips. Hmm, I’d have to say I agree with you, I’m so fickle and I love something, but then some flashier shiner model comes along and I can’t take my eyes off it. Like that maple bourbon ice cream.

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    I just wouldn’t know what to choose but there is one dish I cook that my husband loves and he says it’s his favourite every time I cook it. Barbequed eye fillet of beef served on a bed of baked baby potatoes and French eshallots with Massaman sauce and served with steamed greens. xx

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    Wow – this is proof that food is SEXY…especially first thing in the morning when all you’ve had is a cuppa! My signature is secretly healthy dishes – and I’ve got an arsenal of them, but rarely do the same thing twice :)

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    Maureen, great answer, and it is so true – what’s your favourite recipe right now, might have been replaced by an even better one by supper time! Lovely roundup – my favourites are jostling for space after reading this post. Signature dish? Cupcakes – I make them on request for friends and family and try and reflect their personalities in the flavour and decoration choices so although the ingredients are more or less the same, the results never fail to surprise. Are they my favourites? – not by a long shot.
    Hester @ Alchemy in the Kitchen recently posted..Honey, Lemon and Almond Tartlets – Having a Pollyanna moment!

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    I always say my favorite recipe is my newly created one LOL I almost never make anything twice and if I repeat a dish I never make it quite the same way :)

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    Well said. I couldn’t pick just one either. I have used this phrase countless times in my blog: “This is my new favorite ____. ” And as a food blogger, aren’t we always in search of that next favorite? :)

    Tulips are my absolute favorite flower–thanks for sharing those beauties with us. Unfortunately, the deer like to eat them so no chance that I’ll ever have them in my backyard.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Maureen. :)

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    Love your gorgeous tulips!! I bought some {in a paler version} for a dinner party I had this weekend,and I love the way they flop over the side of the vase. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite recipe of mine, but my quinoa salad w/ spinach, onions, feta and some other stuff, has become one of my signature dishes.

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    Maureen, I’ve been wanting to try that lace-topped brownies by Cenk for like, forever! I just need a steady hand and a cool room to make sure the lace doesn’t break up or melt in our tropical weather. I agree with you, I can’t choose my favorite recipe… a better one’s always around the corner!

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    That is a stumper! I have no idea although one of my chocolate cakes (the Espresso Chocolate Layer Cake with Mocha Mascarpone Frosting or my Decadent Chocolate Cake with Christmas Spices) are pretty near the top of the list but I love going back between sweet and savory. I’d love to try those lace-topped brownies, though!

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